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I have become friends with a
person who is so much like
me its scary. We met work-
ing in a bookstore about a
year and a half ago, and
have since discovered that
we have extremely similar
dispositions, hobbies and
goals in life. We see each-
other once a week, I cook
dinner and we sit around
with friends and play board-
games or watch a movie.
There is so much emotional
tension under the surface
its unbearable. The problem
is that he has been dating
someone for a few years,
which means a relationship
between the two of us is
unlikely. I had known him
for about six months before
he even mentioned a girl-
friend, so by the time I
found out I had already fallen
for him. I am torn between
respecting his existing relation-
ship, and being honest about
my feelings with him. How
will I ever find anyone else
who loves playing the banjo,
wants to own their own small
farm, and loves beer as
much as I do?

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