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I went to Siberia recently. I tried to buy oranges in a grocery store. I found some fruit that looked like oranges, but could also have been grapefruit. Since I don't speak any Russian, and I can much less decipher the spelling of things I settled on what ever the fruit was. As I walked over to the cashier to pay for the fruit a woman cut in front of me. In her hands she held a net with fruit that was most definetely oranges. I made gestures to her trying to ask where she got the net from. she misunderstood and from her reaction must have thought I wanted to take the oranges from her. She held them clutched tightly. The cashier was on her side. She looked sternly at me grabbed my fruit from me weighed it and her outstretched hand demanded money instantly. I made one more attempt to explain, but realized that at this point things had become too complicated to be resolved in gestures. I was also put off by the mistrust these two women had in me. I payed the amount, and left the store. I was sure the two women were staring at me as I walked out. For a second I played with the idea to turn around and stick my tongue out. I did not do it. I should have though, since I later found out that it was an orange after all.
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