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when I was young, I rode
a bus to school every day.
the bus route went through
a part of town that had
been demolished for a
new highway, but the
highway had never been
built. so there were steps,
driveways, street signs
and trees, but no houses.

it was just empty, which
fascinated me. sometimes
I would see homeless people
walking around in this demo-
lished area, and I would
pretend that they used to
live in one of the houses that
was gone, but now they just
wandered around where they
used to live - like ghosts
searching for their lost homes.

it was a bleak daydream.

day after day I stared at this.
no one else my bus cared or
thought this was interesting.
I'm an architect now; maybe
this is why. later, after I had
moved away, the highway was
built, and filled one emptiness
with another.

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