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The first time I kissed her I did
so out of desire. It was in my
basement and the sky outside
was cloudy. In the gray light
she seemed vulnerable for the
first time. So I kissed her, and
she seemed surprised by the
affection: I don't think it fit
with her faux-burning self-
image. Time crept by and I
started thinking I might want
to join with her permanantly,
pass through my skin, pass
through her skin, become
synonyms. The last time our
lips separated I knew that I
had just wanted to trust some-
one with myself completely,
and that it was certainly not
the time. With her, I believe
it will never quite be the time.

Nearly every memory I have
of her involves clouds, twilight,
entanglement, sleep, shivering
cold, sweating heat, confession,
or revision.

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